Ssalto/Duacs multimission altimeter products

Duacs is the Ssalto multimission altimeter data processing system. It serves in near-real time the main operational oceanography and climate forecasting centers in Europe and worldwide.

Ssalto/Duacs system processes data from all altimeter missions (Saral, Cryosat-2, Jason-1&2, T/P, Envisat, GFO, ERS-1 & 2 and even Geosat) to provide a consistent and homogeneous catalogue of products for varied applications, both for near real time applications and offline studies. Ssalto/Duacs Near-Real Time data are used, in particular, by Godae and its French contribution Mercator OcĂ©an. In delayed time, hundreds of teams retrieve historical Duacs datasets.

Latest Duacs maps (Sea Level Anomalies, top, Absolute Dynamic Topography, bottom). Browse through more of them through our "Sea views" interface. Credits CLS/Cnes.